Hidden Object Games on Android and iOS

Hidden object games are an engaging and fun way to while away the time and unwind after a long day at work. Jump into a new adventure with these great titles!


Haunted Hotel: The Evil Inside

If horror mystery is your jam, Haunted Hotel will be your bread! Big Fish Games has done it again with this edge-of-your-seat thriller. Packed with mini-games and a compelling story-line, you can’t go wrong! Available on Android and iOS


Mystery Case Files: Black Veil

Put on your detective’s cap as you explore the town of Dreadmond to uncover the source of the mystery illness plaguing the townspeople. Loaded with puzzles and mini-games, trophies and collections, this is a game you won’t be able to quit! Available on Android and iOS

Time Gap

Explore historical periods and ancient civilizations with legendary heroes of old, like Cleopatra, Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln while you hunt for treasures and the key to Lost Civilization! This hidden object game is also packed with mini-games like connect-four and so much more! Available on Android and iOS

Search & Find- Hidden Objects

If you’re looking for a hidden object game without the story-line, this is the jackpot. Quick, easy and fun, this hidden object game is perfect for killing time in a waiting room or at lunch. You can also connect and play with friends! Available on Android and iOS


Immortal Love: Blind Desire

Save yourself and your beloved in this supernatural mystery romance! Find hidden clues, beat beautiful mini-games and complete compelling puzzles to battle the jealous specter and break the curse before it’s too late! Available on Android and iOS


Bridge to Another World: Oz

Explore the enchanting world of Oz after crash-landing during a storm. Win your ticket home by collecting statues for The Wizard. Face down challenges and obstacles, puzzle your way through this strange and magical land. Available on Android and iOS

The Number Pop