Great Fantasy Games for Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of fantasy and lore, you’ll love these amazing games! Get sucked into a whole new world and join the adventure today!

Book of Myths

This beautifully designed art game explores mythological creatures while solving puzzles. In each level you search for hidden creatures and find their names. This game is very short, with only 30 minutes of gameplay. But it’s worth the money if you’re a fan of mythos. Available on iOS.

Fate of Kai

This fantasy puzzle game creates an ambiance of charm and wonder. Travel though the hand-drawn pages of a magical book. Each chapter is a maze where you explore themes and modify your character’s ideas to move the plot ahead. Intriguing, fresh new take on the genre. Available on iOS

Sky: Children of the Light

Embrace your inner child and help a lone Scout spirit as you complete quests, find other sky children and transform your magical treehouse. This game is beautifully designed, whimsical and enchanting! Available on Android and iOS


Think Stranger Things meets video games. This supernatural thriller centers on a group of friends that unwittingly open a ghostly rift in the world. How you handle the challenges ahead shape the outcomes and fate of your companions. Available on Android and iOS

Little Briar Rose

Inspired by Sleeping Beauty, this stained-glass adventure winds you through brambles, a dark forest and a magical story as you journey to save the princess’ dynasty. Meet weird and unique characters, explore puzzles and mini-games and save the kingdom! Available on Android and iOS

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Forsaken World is an open world fantasy MMORPG of epic proportions! Treasure and glory await! Raid dragon lairs, search for lost artifacts, battle powerful enemies and hone your trade. Simply foraging for herbs can unlock a grand adventure and thrilling chase! Available on Android and iOS.

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